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Viva Brasil !!!

By admin

Arrived at 2.December 2011 in Brasil.

I saw a lot of interesting places and i meet a lot of very kind and cordially people here on Brasil. I also got the chance to take a lot of pictures. You will see here a selection of them soon !

I have some new things for the next year in mind, a lot of changes and new ideas here on my Blog !

Stay in touch !

The Spam guys found my site :-)

By admin

Hello to my new Spam friends !

I know you are out there, and your bots are trying heavly to place some comments on my site, i am flattered !

Tree days ago the amount of spam comments rise to new dimensions ! After i received 200 spam comments on one day … i got a new WP friend, called Antispam Bee, works for free and keep my site clean.

My Spam friends, it´s time to say Good Bye !! … you are not welcome any more!, the Bee will delete daily your spam without bothering me.



This will never happen to me … yes it will !

By admin

You maybe know the advice to have allways one camera with you, then when you forget it than you may miss some great shots.

Yesterday, after lunch … great weather, so i decided to take my bike and make one round at the field behind my house.

Guessed ? … let my camera home, but hey! it was only for fifteen minutes, you dont see much action there and i went out enjoy the sun and the warm weather.

Then i saw five guys repairing the high voltage poles … yes !!! all the years bevore NOTHING!

Bad luck, so i decided from now on to take a least the pocket camera with me, a great picture depends from the situation not only from your equipment.

Midnight, forget to give some papers a friend of my, grab my car … and let the jacket with the pocket cam home.  On the way back, guys repairing the tram lines, making a lot of sparks with their equipment … beautiful and what for amazing shot … if had some camera there.

I promised me, better go out of my house in winter wearing flip flops bevore forgeting my camera at home !

Capoeira Pictures from Hamburg

By admin

After a nice weekend in Hamburg with good energy and a lot of fun i want share with you some moments. Check my new pictures galery at the Capoeira page. That might give you a idea how nice the whole Hamburg weekend trip was.

Here are more information about the mesteres and the event in Hamburg. CLICK


Club Pictures

By admin

Here my new album of pictures taken on a very nice club, named Topsy.
Feel free to go to Flickr, give your comments and help me to improve.

Just click on the picture below and enjoy !


By admin

Now i will put more of my pictures by Flickr, there you can make your comments and keep you up to date with my blog and at Flickr:

Flickr Photos: PHOTOS at FLICKR

Flickr Profile: MY PROFILE at FLICKR

Also new galeries from the clubs coming soon on Flickr … keep an eye, better both, open !


Capoeira have now some pictures

By admin

I put some pictures on the Capoeira page, take a look and tell me what you think about ..

Slow, but not standing still

By admin

New MOTORSPORT pictures in the Picture Galleries, take a look and enjoy !

More pictures and interesting blogs following NEXT ..

Free winter desktop wallpaper

By admin

Have some free wallpaper for you, click here or go to the Links & more page.

The avaible resolutions are 1600 x 1050 and 1280 x 800, that are the most common in the web. If someone like to use other resolution on his desktop, put a comment i will make a update. Hope you like it !

Enjoy the winter and have a good time !

P.S. dont put any comercial sites on your nickname or links, i will delete your post or the links to the site you make advertising if your comment is a little bit funny :-) )

Eat, sleep bee happy and healthy!

By admin

Sieht so aus als würde McDonalds genfood Burger in Deutschland verkaufen :(

Looks like McDonalds use in Germany genfood for the burgers :( - jetzt mitmachen!